'STILL' is a new group of fifteen limited edition photographic works by Felix Forest, inspired by his fascination with Flemish still life paintings, and created in collaboration with stylist Claire Delmar. 

These very painterly photographs reference the classical structures and symbolism of the 17th century still lifes painted by Flemish masters such as Vermeer. Insects appear throughout, a theme that suggests both nature's bounty and the impermanence of life. Light falls on objects as if through time. 

In his commercial work, Felix Forest shoots for Australia's best interiors magazines, and it was through this work that he met interior stylist Claire Delmar. Claire's blog The Palate Project focuses on tabletop still life styling and after working together Felix knew that Claire was the right person to help him bring his concept to fruition. These artworks show antique and modern everyday pieces in combinations that feel timeless. Within the deceptive simplicity of these compositions we see references to many allegorical themes of classical still lifes - the secret messages placed to challenge and delight the viewer who must interpret the Vanitas message of the snuffed candle, the fruits of paradise symbolised by the artichoke, and the earthy femininity of the wine goblet's inverted triangle. And in each work, an insect expresses such diverse messages as hope and resurrection, or transience and decay. There is a strong intelligence behind these works, a thoughtfulness that gives so much pleasure as contemplation rewards the viewer.

Limited editions available in two print sizes. The works are box framed in oak without glass to complete the painterly allusion.

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